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All Porcelain Crowns

rowns are a type of dental restoration enabling you to use your teeth after damage and decay. In its simplest form, crowns are caps placed over your tooth or dental implant. Old Milton Dental uses crowns made of all porcelain to improve the strength and appearance of your teeth.

All porcelain crowns are the best alternative to a natural tooth. Porcelain crowns give your teeth a natural glow and translucency. Light permeates through the porcelain, reflecting the natural tooth color underneath. The porcelain itself can be easily matched to your natural tooth color and is highly resistant to staining. Your tooth will be healthy and beautiful!

Our porcelain crowns do not have a metal base, which can often leave a dark line where your crown meets your gums. If there is no metal attachment, will porcelain crowns last as long? Yes. At Old Milton Dental, we promise your all porcelain crown is just as durable as any crown made from any other material. Old Milton Dental promises you quality. Our office offers you the best technology, the finest product and material, all while being time efficient.

Dr. Corey Mazer or Dr. Katie Reid may recommend having an all porcelain dental crown placed for a number of reasons.  Root canals and dental implants often require placement of a crown.  Another reason for a dental crown is to protect a weak tooth. Crowns protect teeth that are broken and cracked, restoring them to full functionality. This dental procedure could be a great option and resource for you.


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