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Child Dentistry

Old Milton Dental believes dental and oral health begins in infancy.  As infants begin to develop their teeth, they are also developing the risk of dental caries (ie. cavities and tooth loss). From teething to braces, it is imperative parents are extremely attentive to the dental health of their children.

Unfortunately, reports have shown that parents are not paying as close attention to their children’s teeth and dental health as may be necessary. In the past decade, the Surgeon General and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported tooth decay and cavities as the most chronic ailments in children, as well as teenagers.

“My child just has baby teeth, and eventually they will fall out. We shouldn’t waste our time or money on dental visits for baby teeth.” This is a common argument and justification for not seeing a dentist during early years. Baby teeth will fall out, however oral health needs to begin from infancy, just as nutritional and physical health are priorities. Prevention is essential during this formation years.

Brushing and massaging gums is the first step in establishing dental hygiene. The soft brushing and gentle massaging can help ease the pain many infants experience while they are teething. You can accomplish this using a toothbrush made especially for infants, or a simple washcloth. This will help remove acids from medicines, as well as sugars from milk formulas and baby food.

At 12 months, baby teeth can be brushed with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Teaching children how to brush their teeth early will aid tremendously in forming their own dental hygiene practices. Children will learn the importance of brushing their teeth if it becomes a routine, priority, and their own responsibility.

Our professionals at Old Milton Dental have many suggestions and tips for you as a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or even teacher. The staff at Old Milton Dental strongly believes in the importance of early dental health and prevention. Visit us today to learn more about dental practices and procedures for children, including fluoride rinses and sealants. Time and effort investments today can result in tremendous savings in dental care in later years.


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