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Dental Technology & Comfort

Dental Technology in Alpharetta

Dental TechnologyAt Old Milton Dental in Alpharetta, we strive constantly to be at the very forefront of dental technology. This is because we never want you to be afraid of a dental visit, and we know that you have heard horror stories. Your grandmother has probably told you about visiting the dentist, having gigantic needles driven into her gums and up through her palate, and then waiting forever for the anesthetic to take effect. Then she would have to spit a huge quantity of blood into a basin, and leave with her mouth feeling as though it had been stuffed with a pillow.

We can assure you that at Old Milton Dental, none of that will happen. We use the most modern technology available to guarantee your dental health with a minimum of discomfort.

3D Scan – Panoramic X-rays – In order to deliver the best possible dental treatments, you need to have x-rays taken so that your general dentist can get a picture of your mouth. Imagine, for example, needing an extraction if your dentist does not know that the roots of your teeth are curved around your jawbone. You would experience a great deal of unnecessary pain, when the extraction could be so much simpler if the dentist had a good picture of your teeth and jawbone.

Dental x-rays have come a long way since the days when you had to have x-rays taken, wait for them to be developed, and then maybe have to go through the whole process again if the results were less than stellar. Today, with digital technology, 3-D scans and panoramic x-rays can show your oral anatomy in ways that traditional x-rays simply couldn’t manage. That makes for easier diagnosis and more effective treatment.

The Wand®– Ask someone what they fear the most during dental treatment, and chances are they will say getting the local anesthetic, also called freezing.  Old Milton Dental has invested in an invaluable tool called The Wand.  Using a pen-shaped device with a tiny needle on the end, The Wand administers a small drop of anesthetic before the needle even touches your gums, so you won’t feel the pinprick sensation that many people have learned to dread.  The Wand is used for patients of all ages.


At Old Milton Dental, we use BIOLASE® laser equipment to deliver precise, effective dental care. We know that for many patients, the worst thing about a dental appointment is fear of the drill. No matter how “numbed up” you are, the mere sound of the drill can be disconcerting. BIOLASE allows us, in many instances, to handle your dental work without needing to use a drill. With BIOLASE, we can:

  • Remove plaque
  • Prepare your teeth to receive fillings
  • Treat canker sores and other ulcers
  • Perform root canals
  • Aid in healing following implant surgery
  • Release un-erupted teeth

…and much more!

Intraoral Camera – The intraoral camera uses digital technology to take high resolution photographs inside your mouth.  The use of these images helps Drs. Corey Mazer, Katie Reid and Jenna Powell diagnose and treatment plan procedures.  The images can also be sent to your insurance provider for treatment approval.

Dental Technology

CEREC® – Dr. Corey Mazer was the first dentist in Alpharetta to offer the CEREC technology to his patients, and has continued to offer the procedure for the last 10 years.  CEREC is a revolutionary machine that allows patients to leave the office after one visit, with a permanent dental restoration.

Using a three dimensional digital model of your teeth, the CEREC machine will custom design the dental restoration. Once the design of the dental restoration is set, the information is then sent to a milling unit. This milling unit will then create the actual dental restoration using a block of special ceramic material that closely resembles the composition of your teeth. This newly created dental restoration is then bonded to the tooth that needs to be treated. Final adjustments or alterations can be made to the dental restoration as needed.

Learn more about the CEREC machine at Old Milton Dental

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