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How to Make Your Teeth Whitening Treatment Last Longer

Teeth whitening is one of the least expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures available, as well as one of the least invasive, and needs little or no recovery time. Most patients are amazed at the improvement in their smile, and they feel motivated to want it to last for a long time. It can – several years, in fact, provided you follow a few basic steps.

Maintain Good Oral Health Following Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you have been sloppy about brushing and flossing regularly, now is the time to start. You do not want plaque and stains to build up on your teeth and compromise your teeth whitening treatment, so floss once a day and brush at least twice.

Avoid the Things That Caused the Staining in the First Place

We are not saying that you can never have a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine. But if you habitually down a pot of coffee before it is even noon, it might be time to ease back a bit. If you have consumed something that might stain your teeth, and you are not able to brush, at least rinse your mouth out with water. Remember that even healthy foods like dark berries or vegetables can also cause staining so again, brush or rinse.

Do Not Smoke

You already know that smoking is bad for your health. It will also wreak havoc with your teeth whitening treatment. There is nothing worse than tobacco smoke when it comes to yellowing your teeth.

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Even if you continue with bad lifestyle choices, your teeth whitening treatment will last for months. If you forego, or even cut back on, the things that caused the discoloration in the first place, though, a teeth whitening treatment could last for years. Now that you know the facts, call us at Old Milton Dental in Alpharetta, GA, 678-624-0370 or use the form on our Contact Us page to book a treatment. Learn how to maintain your white smile with our tips here.