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Dental Crowns Facts

What are dental crowns? What are they used for? How is this restorative dentistry procedure beneficial? These questions and more will be answered by our Alpharetta dentists. We’ve compiled a list of the top dental crowns facts to help you understand why dental crowns are so useful. Visit our restorative dentist at Old Milton Dental to see if they’re right for you, and continue reading to learn about what the process entails.

Strengthen Teeth with Dental Crowns

One of the most important facts about dental crowns is that they are meant to restore strength and functionality to the teeth. This important restorative dentistry procedure can sustain normal chewing and biting, preventing you from suffering every time you try to eat your favorite meal. They are made to surround the entire tooth, which protects a broken cap and prevents decay or cavities from spreading to the rest of the mouth. They are also great tooth replacements!

Dental Crowns Last a Long Time

Dental crowns can last for a very long time. While they are not permanent, they can easily last for a few decades when well taken care of. Make sure to brush and floss regularly, as oral hygiene is of utmost important. You’ll want to maintain them just as well as natural teeth, as they are prone to breakage over time.

Dental Crowns Save Your Teeth

If you have a lot of tooth decay due to a cavity or other injury, a dental crown can be the last thing that saves your tooth before removal is necessary. A crown can stop infection and decay from spreading further, and can provide a protective barrier that fortifies your teeth against any potential damage.

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What to Expect During a Dental Implants Procedure

Are you scheduled to have dental implants put in soon? You may be nervous about what the procedure entails. But don’t worry, our dentists in Alpharetta can inform you on what to expect during a dental implants procedure. The following words from our dental implants specialist can give you peace of mind that you will experience a successful and beneficial restorative dentistry procedure.

Consultation and Impressions

The first step to a completed dental implants procedure is the consultation. You’ll meet with a dental implants specialist to see what can be done to meet the specific needs of your mouth. After it is decided that implants are right for you, the specialist will take impressions of your mouth to shape the implant molds. One of the best parts of restorative dentistry is that there are always custom options. Measurements will be made of your mouth, and the dentist will start planning your implants.

Pre-Op Preparations

Before the procedure itself, your dental implants specialist may need to extract some of your teeth in the area. This helps the implant sit more firmly, and after the procedure is completed it can help to strengthen and fortify that part of your mouth. A dental implants procedure is not complicated, but your specialist will want to make sure to take all necessary precautions before performing the procedure.

During and After the Procedure

During a dental implants procedure, you will be put under by an oral surgeon. They will then permanently attach the implants to your jaw and ensure that they will stay rigidly fixed. When you wake up from the procedure, you may feel swollen for a few weeks – this is part of the healing process. Your dentist will prescribe you any necessary pain medications as well as several methods for reducing the swelling in your mouth. It won’t take long for the implants to bond to your jaw and gums.

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Why You Should Brighten Your Smile for Summer

Bright skies, crashing waves, and the perfect warm weather – that’s what awaits you in the upcoming months. What better way to celebrate this perfect season than with a way to brighten your smile? At Old Milton Dental, our dentists in Alpharetta can show you the best way to achieve a new smile with our teeth whitening procedures. Read more to find out how this simple cosmetic dentistry trick can keep you feeling fresh and confident all summer long!

Invest in Professional Teeth Whitening

Having your teeth whitened professionally versus over-the-counter strips can make all the difference. While there are a lot of different tooth whitening products available, our cosmetic dentist can help you do it right. Professional teeth whitening is a globally popular procedure that uses industrial-quality products to bleach and whiten your teeth.

How the Procedure Works

Tooth whitening is simple, and can be performed by any tooth whitening specialist. During the procedure, the dentist will use a laser or a UV light to heat a special whitening gel, which contains bleach. This gel is applied to the front of the teeth, removes any excess stains or discolorations and add a layer of whiteness to brighten your smile. It is quick, virtually painless, and long-lasting.

Is There a Reason to Not Whiten Your Teeth?

Tooth whitening has advanced far, and our dentists in Alpharetta can solve almost any whitening issue. However, there are a few times when teeth whitening may not work. If you are dealing with intrinsic tooth stains that are just too deeply ingrained, laser whitening may not be able to fix it. If your discoloration is on top of the enamel and caused by coffee or tea consumption, we can fix it right away, but if you are dealing with a more serious form of decay, you may want to consider porcelain veneers.

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Invisalign Facts to Consider for Crooked Teeth

Many of our patients in Alpharetta don’t realize just how many health problems can be caused by crooked teeth. It is harder to floss correctly, it can lead to more decay and cavities, and can also affect your bite, leading to jaw pain or TMJ. But it is hard to convince adults and even many teens to embrace metal braces. They are uncomfortable, unattractive, and not very professional in the workplace. Invisalign is one option that we offer as the perfect compromise. Read on to learn more Invisalign facts.

Fact: Invisalign Braces Work Faster

For most patients, clear aligners take less time than traditional metal braces to correct the issue. The graduated system of tray aligners can take months or possibly years off the time it takes to be done with the alignment. During the treatment, you will not have to visit your cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta as often as someone with metal braces would, and you will not have to deal with painful adjustments.

Fact: Invisalign Braces Could Save You Money

Most of our patients mistakenly believe the myth that clear aligners are more expensive than metal braces. But the truth is that Invisalign runs about the same overall, and may even save you money in some cases. Invisalign does appear to be more expensive upfront, but remember that you are potentially saving years of visits and materials that will raise the price of metal braces over time.

Fact: Invisalign Braces Let You Maintain Hygiene and a Balanced Diet

When you have clear braces, eating and oral hygiene are much easier because you can simply remove the tray to perform these activities. This ensures that you can keep your teeth in great shape while they are being adjusted, and makes it easier for you to enjoy a healthy diet.

Learn More from Your Dentist in Alpharetta

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