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Why You Should Visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta

While it might seem obvious as to why you should visit a cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta, most patients don’t actually know just how much a cosmetic dentist can help their smile. Before you write off cosmetic dentistry altogether, it’s important to know how your cosmetic dentist at Old Milton Dental can help you achieve a smile you love. If any of our treatments sound like a good idea to you, then it’s time to schedule a visit with a cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta.

Perfect Your Teeth When You Visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta

One of the top reasons you should schedule a visit with a cosmetic dentist is if you want to improve your smile. There are many different things that you can dislike about your smile that our cosmetic dentist can actually fix using some of our different cosmetic dentistry treatments. Some common problems our patients dislike about their smile include gaps in their teeth, crookedness, stained and discolored teeth, teeth that are too large or too small, teeth that are cracked or chipped, amalgam restorations, and missing teeth. If you can relate to any of these problems, it might be worth your while to consider our cosmetic dentistry treatments.

A Cosmetic Dentist Can Whiten Your Teeth

The most cost-effective cosmetic dentistry treatments that our cosmetic dentist can provide you with is a professional teeth whitening treatment. Professional teeth whitening is the easiest way to draw more attention to your smile without undergoing serious cosmetic dentistry treatments. Whether you just eat and drink a lot of foods and drinks that stain your teeth or you have had a past history of smoking or taking medications that affect the color of your teeth, teeth whitening is a good idea for most patients. However, we do not recommend teeth whitening for patients who have unhealthy teeth or who have many restorations at the front of their smile. This is because the restorations will not respond to the whitening solution.

While teeth whitening is a smart option, it’s not always the best option for every patient. To start, the results only last for up to a year with proper care. You will need to have other teeth whitening treatment every time your smile fades. If you want a longer lasting solution, porcelain veneers are also a smart option. Veneers do no stain and last for up to 10 years before they need to be replaced. If you have your front 6 teeth covered with veneers, you can have a smile that stays white all the time. The only downside is that veneers can be costly upfront.

Cosmetic Dentists Straighten Your Teeth

Another reason you should visit a cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta is to finally experience a straight smile. Whether your teeth are crooked, gapped, crowded or slightly misaligned, our dentist can work with you to straighten your smile. If there are just minor problems, we might be able to correct these with porcelain veneers for instant results! The veneers can be placed over your teeth to hide flaws and to give your teeth a new shape. If you would prefer to correct your teeth altogether, we can recommend an Invisalign treatment. Invisalign using clear aligners to move your teeth into their ideal position. It is much more comfortable and discreet than traditional metal braces. Talk to our dentist if Invisalign is right for you.

Cosmetic Dentists Care About Your Oral Health

Another reason that it’s a good idea to visit your cosmetic dentist is that they care about your oral health. Before we can even consider giving you a cosmetic dentistry treatment at our Alpharetta dentist office, we must first address your oral health. After a complete dental exam, our dentist will let you know if you have any problems that need to be addressed. If you have any signs of gum disease, tooth decay or cavities, we will take care of these problems first. In order to have any cosmetic dentistry treatments, we require that your teeth are healthy. Once you receive your cosmetic dentistry treatments, we require that you maintain your oral health for longer lasting results.

Cosmetic Dentists Help Restore Your Teeth

Your cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta not only addresses the aesthetics of your teeth but their function. If we find that your teeth need a bit of repairing, we will restore your teeth while we keep aesthetics in mind. This means that if you need a dental crown or inlay, onlay or filling, we will give you the treatment but do our best to make sure your teeth still look natural and beautiful.

Cosmetic Dentists Hide Minor Flaws in Your Smile

Another reason to visit a cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta is to hide the minor flaws that might distract you from having a perfect smile. There are a few different treatments we can recommend to hide flaws like chips or cracks in your teeth. We recommend dental bonding if you are okay with your treatment lasting only a year or two and porcelain veneers if you would prefer for long-lasting treatment. The main difference between the two is the price. Dental bonding is much more affordable than porcelain veneers.

Remove Amalgam Restorations

If you have metal fillings or restorations, not only do they pose the risk of mercury poisoning, but they do not look the best on your smile. Our cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta can replace your metal or amalgam restorations and replace them with tooth-colored composite material. This can help your smile look more natural.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta Today

If you think that you would benefit from a visit to our cosmetic dentist, it’s time to schedule your appointment. Give us a call or schedule an appointment by visiting our online form.

Top Reasons to Visit Your Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta

How do you feel about your smile? Do you like showing your teeth off or do you think you could benefit from some improvement? If you are unhappy with your smile, it might be reason enough to visit your cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta. Discover if our cosmetic dentistry treatments at Old Milton Dental sound appealing to you and your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is an option for all of our patients. Find out if it’s right for you.

You are Unhappy with Your Smile

The first reason you should visit your cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta is if you are unhappy with your smile. This means that you hide your teeth behind your hands or do everything possible not to show your teeth in pictures. If you feel at all embarrassed of your current smile, cosmetic dentistry might be a good idea. We want our patients to feel good about their smile and if this can be helped with one of our treatments, we are happy to help! Don’t go through life living with a smile you hate. We have plenty of cosmetic dentistry options available to help you achieve your smile goals.

Your Smile is Healthy

Another reason you should visit your cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta is that your smile is healthy. Having a healthy smile is a requirement for any cosmetic dentistry work you want to have done. Therefore, if your smile is already healthy, you have met the minimum requirement. We can examine your current smile and suggest the best cosmetic dentistry treatments to help you achieve your goals and resolve your problems. If your smile is not healthy, don’t worry. We can start by treating all of your dental problems before starting on the cosmetic treatments. Don’t let any dental problems you have to get in the way of pursuing a better-looking smile. We have all of the treatment options available to you.

Your Teeth are Yellowed or Stained

Another reason you should visit your cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta is that you have yellow or stained teeth. Staining and yellowing are a normal part of aging and unfortunately can only be resolved with teeth whitening or other cosmetic treatments. You can use whitening toothpaste at home to help remove some of the surface stains but if the stains are deep, only a dentist can help. If you want a whiter smile, we can provide you with a professional teeth whitening treatment. This treatment can brighten your smile up to 8 shades with a simple treatment that can be completed in our office or in the comfort of your home.

If you don’t want to return to our office all the time for a teeth whitening treatment, porcelain veneers might be a better option for you. Veneers do not stain so you can have a white smile for up to ten years before you need to replace the veneers. Whichever option you prefer, our dentist can provide you with a whiter smile.

Your Teeth are Gapped

If you’re looking for another reason to visit our cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta, you might have gapped teeth. Gapped teeth can actually be resolved with a number of different treatments. The most obvious treatment is orthodontic treatment. We offer Invisalign clear braces at our dental office which consists of wearing clear aligners for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to straighten your smile and close up any gaps you have. If you would prefer a quicker turnaround, we can fill in the gaps using dental bonding or porcelain veneers. These options don’t correct the problem, they merely mask it. You will also need to replace bonding every few years and veneers every 10 years.

Your Teeth are Misaligned

On the subject of orthodontics, we can also help perfect your teeth if they are misaligned. Depending on how misaligned they are, we can make your teeth look straight by using an Invisalign treatment or by taking the veneers or bonding route. This is entirely up to you. We only recommend veneers or bonding if your teeth are not suffering from the lack of proper alignment that orthodontics can bring you. For long-term results, opt for the Invisalign treatment.

Your Teeth are Chipped or Cracked

Chips and cracks can happen to your teeth at any moment, fixing them is actually a quick process. You should visit our cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta if you are tired of looking at your chips or cracks in your teeth every day. We can resolve these problems by using either dental bonding, veneers, or dental crowns. Bonding must be replaced every few years while veneers can last for up to 10 years. A dental crown, on the other hand, will last you for the rest of your life. This decision will depend on how much you want to spend and how strong you want your restoration to be.

Your Teeth Aren’t Symmetrical

If your teeth are not symmetrical, don’t worry, our cosmetic dentist can fix this. Using dental bonding, veneers or simply by filing down some of your teeth, we can make your smile look symmetrical and perfect. Our dentist will recommend the best solution for your smile during a consultation.

You Have Metal Fillings

The last reason you should visit our cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta is that you have metal fillings. Metal fillings can be unsightly and not the best solution for your teeth. We can replace your metal restorations with beautiful tooth-colored fillings that match your surrounding teeth. Tooth colored restorations look great and are stronger than metal fillings. You also don’t have to worry about mercury poisoning. Visit our dentist today to learn more.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta

If you’re ready to have a smile to be proud of, visit our cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta to learn which cosmetic dentistry treatments can benefit your smile. Schedule a consultation with our dentist by giving us a call or filling out our online form. We look forward to giving you a smile you love.

Top 8 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening in Alpharetta

Stained or yellowed smiles can take a damper on your self-confidence. At Old Milton Dental, we want our patients to love their smile which is why we offer professional teeth whitening. Unlike over the counter products, professional teeth whitening can lighten your smile up to 7 shades and give you the luminescent smile you have always desired. With our professional whitening products, you can expect nothing less than beautiful results from our cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta. Continue reading to find out all of the top benefits of professional teeth whitening and then schedule your own whitening appointment today.

  1. Professional Whitening Will Give you Even and Thorough Results

One of the top reasons our cosmetic dentists recommend professional teeth whitening to patients is because it provides patients with results they cannot achieve with over the counter whitening products alone. With the over the counter products, there is no way to ensure you will receive the results you want. Whitening strips are or the gel you place in an appliance are not guaranteed to apply the whitening solution evenly to your teeth. Many patients find that the over the counter products will not evenly whiten their teeth, leaving them with white spots on their teeth following treatment. With our professional whitening products at Old Milton Dental, we ensure the whitening solution is applied evenly to your teeth so you will have beautiful results.

We use the ZOOM! whitening products. The treatment consists of using an oral tray filled with a whitening gel that sits in your mouth for an hour in our office or with a take-home kit that you can complete on your own time. Our dentist will show you how to properly use the whitening products at home so you can have beautiful results regardless if you choose to do it in our office or not.

  1. Professional Strength

With professional teeth whitening comes professional strength! There’s a reason that you’re over the counter whitening products don’t provide you with the shade of white you desire. This is because the products are not strong enough. With professional whitening, your dentist is administering and supervising your treatment, therefore making it legal for a higher power bleach to be used. This allows your teeth to whiten up to several shades in one visit, or at home. You won’t need to return for another whitening treatment for at least a year. This isn’t true with over the counter products where your teeth quickly return to their yellow shade they begin with within months. Save your money from over the counter products, and invest in professional teeth whitening for the professional strength.

  1. Fast Results

Instead of waiting up to two weeks for your over the counter whitening strips to make a difference, you can simply visit our Alpharetta dentist office on your lunch break and return to work with teeth that are 7 shades lighter. This is an ideal solution for those who need a last-minute improvement on their smile or have an event coming up. You can experience almost instant results with a simple visit to our dental office. If this isn’t a benefit of professional teeth whitening, we don’t know what is!

  1. Comfortable Treatment with Reduced Tooth Sensitivity

With over the counter products, it’s normal to experience increased tooth sensitivity with your teeth whitening treatment. In most cases, this is because the whitening solution finds its way to your gums, which then irritates your gums and causes pain in your teeth. This pain can be avoided with professional teeth whitening because your dentist is there to monitor your treatment. For the at-home solution, Dr. Mazer will give you tips on not getting the whitening solution on your gums and other precautions you can take to avoid increased tooth sensitivity. Enjoy a comfortable whitening experience during and after treatment with professional teeth whitening.

  1. Professional Whitening is Safe

Most people don’t second guess if over the counter whitening products are safe or not. When used incorrectly, they can actually do harm to your enamel. This is quite common with the popular “charcoal whitening” products you brush your teeth with. Those actually scrape away your enamel in order to provide you with a white smile. Leave the whitening to the professionals and avoid inflicting any damage on your teeth that you will regret in your future. Damage to your teeth can lead to pain, decay, cavities and a life filled with further dental problems. Keep your teeth safe and pain-free when you choose professional teeth whitening from our Alpharetta dentist.

  1. Smile With Confidence

When you choose to opt for professional teeth whitening from our experienced cosmetic dentists, you’re choosing professional results. These beautiful results will help you smile with confidence knowing you received the best care possible. There’s no need to worry that your results won’t look amazing. Our experienced cosmetic dentist is well-versed in professional teeth whitening and can help you achieve the exact results you’re looking for. Skip the Russian roulette results you would end up with from over the counter whitening products, and choose a service you can feel confident will result nice. Our professionals are here to help you achieve your desired smile with help from our ZOOM! whitening products.

  1. Pick Your Results

When you visit our cosmetic dentist for your cosmetic dentistry consultation, you will actually pick the shade of white you want your teeth to be and we will perform your treatment accordingly to achieve those results. Unlike over the counter whitening, you can pick the end result. This means your teeth won’t be under or over white; they will look just how you wanted them to.

Schedule Your Whitening Treatment Today

Whether you want to whiten your teeth in our office, or in the comfort of your home, you should experience the benefits of professional teeth whitening for yourself. Don’t waste your money on over the counter products and instead seek treatment from our expert cosmetic dentists. We’re here to help you achieve a bright and white smile you won’t want to wait to show off! Our Alpharetta dental office can be reached via phone or our online contact form. We look forward to helping your smile!

Top 7 Cosmetic Dentistry Options in Alpharetta

In Alpharetta, Old Milton Dental not only takes preventive and restorative dentistry seriously, but we care if our patients are happy with their smiles. This is why we offer so many different cosmetic dentistry procedures for them to choose from. Whether a patient wants to seal up their gapped smile with dental bonding or Invisalign or needs to remove years of coffee stains, we can help! Find out all of the top cosmetic dentistry options we carry in our Alpharetta dental office.

Porcelain Veneers

One of the top cosmetic dentistry options we carry is porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin sheets or porcelain that are tooth colored and shaped to recreate your smile. Veneers can help an array of different dental problems. They can also make a huge difference with only one to two veneers! Some common problems solved by porcelain veneers are hiding gapped, crooked, or misaligned smiles, lengthening teeth to cover gummy smiles, making teeth more symmetrical, providing perfectly white teeth that cannot be stained and covering cracked, chipped or broken teeth. The options are endless with porcelain veneers. Veneers are thought to be one of the top ways to achieve a cosmetically perfect smile.

Teeth Whitening

Another one of our top cosmetic dentistry options in Alpharetta includes professional teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening is one of our most cost-effective treatments as well as one of the most popular. Patients come to us complaining of their stained or yellow teeth and how they found over the counter products to be ineffective. Once we determine that the patient has a healthy enough smile for teeth whitening, we provide them with our different whitening options. These include both in-office options as well as take-home options. Both products are Zoom! whitening.

Zoom! uses custom-made trays made with impressions from the patient’s own teeth with a high bleach whitening gel that is inserted into the whitening trays. Since it is custom fit to the patient’s mouth, no whitening solution will be where it shouldn’t. This prevents increased sensitivity to hot or cold or sweet food or drinks. Your dentist monitoring your treatment will also ensure that no damage occurs to your teeth.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a cheaper alternative than porcelain veneers but can achieve the same results. The only big difference is that dental bonding lasts for 1 to 3 years while porcelain veneers can last up to ten. If you are considering porcelain veneers in Alpharetta, you should get dental bonding to test out the potential results of veneers. This is a smart option since veneers are a permanent commitment. However, if you don’t want to commit to an expensive or permanent dental solution, dental bonding can provide you with natural-looking results that can transform your smile. Bonding can be used to fill in gaps, hide receding gums, lengthen your teeth, make your teeth more symmetrical and more. Talk to our dentist to find out if dental bonding is the right solution for you.


The look of metal braces is not for everyone, not to mention the treatment is quite painful and restricts lots of foods that you can eat. Many patients are choosing to seek the alternative to braces, Invisalign. Invisalign is a simple orthodontic alternative that requires patients to wear clear aligners for two weeks and then switch than with new ones. They will continue this plan of action for their entire treatment which may take anywhere from 6 months to two years. The aligners are completely removable, meaning patients can eat anything they want during treatment. In addition, these aligners are clear, making them perfect for those who want a discreet treatment. The treatment works by gradually moving your teeth into their correct position. If you’re interested in clear braces in Alpharetta, talk to our dentist.

Smile Makeover

Some patients come to visit us with no idea how they want to have their teeth fixed but know that they are unhappy with their smile and know what they want it to look like. With a smile makeover, our dentist will evaluate your smile to help you determine which treatment options will work best to achieve your goals. A smile makeover will consist of at least two different treatments. Whether that be Invisalign and teeth whitening, or porcelain veneers and bonding, your desired smile is within reach. You will tell Dr. Mazer what you do or don’t like and he will tell you which of our cosmetic dentistry options can help you. From there, we will schedule all needed appointments to complete the procedures. In a matter of visits, you can have a completely new smile!

Dental Crowns

Although this is also a restorative treatment, dental crowns work similar to porcelain veneers. Patients who have cracked or damaged structure to their teeth not only need restorative work but cosmetic. Dental crowns solve both! A crown is essentially a cap that is placed over your damaged tooth, made to look completely natural to restore it back to health. The crown protects your tooth from any further damage and from decay and bacteria from finding its way inside. In addition, it looks completely natural and can give you back your confidence. Many patients use crowns to solve damaged teeth as well as crowns to attach to their dental implants. Whatever you are unhappy with on your smile, Old Milton Dental has a dental option for you.

Contact Old Milton Dental for Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are unhappy with your smile, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give our cosmetic dentists a call. We will evaluate your smile and let you know about all of the different cosmetic dentistry options we have available that may help you. Our Alpharetta dentist office can be reached via phone or by filling out our online contact form. Explore the top 7 cosmetic dentistry options and how they can help you find your way to a new smile.

Reasons to Consider Invisalign

Are your teeth misaligned? Do you need a cosmetic dentistry procedure that will straighten your teeth without needing to wear a bunch of metal in your mouth? Our Invisalign specialist in Alpharetta explains the top reasons to consider Invisalign as the perfect opportunity for your teeth. These clear aligners are sweeping the nation, and soon you can determine whether Invisalign works well for you!

Invisalign Is Invisible

Clear braces are the next big thing, and are especially popular among teens and kids. They are almost undetectable while being worn, and they don’t easily show up on the camera. You can feel more comfortable and flexible with these options, as Invisalign serves to meet your smile.

Invisalign Is Removable

Another great reason to consider Invisalign is the fact that the clear aligners can be removed and put back at will. Our Alpharetta dentists recommend that you keep Invisalign in for at least 22 hours, but that gives you time to take them out while eating and brushing your teeth. You will feel cleaner and you will have more of your mouth’s functions while wearing Invisalign as opposed to metal braces.

Invisalign Is Easy to Clean

The care that you need to put into your Invisalign braces is essential, but it is far easier than caring for other dental appliances. You can remove them to perform daily oral hygiene, and you can easily clean the aligners using a pre-purchased solution and running water.

Fewer Trips to the Dentist

Invisalign requires less dental appointments than traditional braces do, giving you the freedom to wear them without as much supervision. This is a great option for teens as well, as it doesn’t place heavy demands on their time or schedule.

Consider Invisalign Today!

If our reasons to consider Invisalign has convinced you, stop by our office at Old Milton Dental in Alpharetta, GA for an appointment. You can see us in person or give us a call at (678) 624-0370 to speak with a cosmetic dentistry specialist.

The Do’s and Don’ts for a Hollywood Smile

Are you looking for a whiter and brighter smile? While there is a myriad of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, there are several tricks of the trade to help you maintain a Hollywood smile. When it comes down to it, maintenance is the most important factor. Our Alpharetta dentists can show you the best ways to maintain your Hollywood smile, and what cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to keep your smile strong. Check out our list of do’s and don’ts!

What to Do

There are several important habits you must upkeep to maintain your Hollywood smile. After investing in several cosmetic dentistry procedures, don’t let that money go to waste. Here are a few things you can do:

  • DO keep going to the dentist. Now more than ever, regular dental visits are highly important. Your cosmetic dentist can help assess the status of your Hollywood smile and clean it in a professional way.
  • DO brush and floss on a regular basis. You’ll want to make sure that you can maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing can keep yucky foods and stains from plaguing your white teeth.

What Not to Do

Just as important as your to-do list is your NOT-to-do list. Our dentists in Alpharetta have come up with a couple important things to keep in mind:

  • DO NOT bite your nails. This bad habit can lead to chipped, cracked, and uneven teeth. Plus, if you are wearing veneers, they are likely to become broken.
  • DO NOT drink coffee, soda, or tea. These dark drinks (wine included) can easily stain your teeth. If you’ve just paid for a tooth whitening procedure, you won’t want that hard work to go to waste.
  • DO NOT use your teeth to open things. If you like to open bags or caps with your teeth, this can highly damage them. Please refrain from this habit.

Maintain Your Hollywood Smile with Us

Are you in need of some cosmetic dentistry procedures? Our Alpharetta, GA dentists are here to help! Stop by Old Milton Dental to schedule a consultation, or call us at (678) 624-0370 to plan your visit.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Chipped Teeth

Did you know that many people associate a visibly chipped tooth with lower than average intelligence? We know that this an impression no one wants to give, so we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can cover or fix chipped teeth. When you visit the dentist in Alpharetta, ask about the many budget-conscious options, such as:

Dental Bonding for Chipped Teeth

Dental bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures for chipped teeth we offer in Alpharetta. This involves a composite material that is applied to the tooth to create the appearance of a full tooth. It can be dyed and shaped to match your tooth perfectly.

Veneers for Chipped Teeth

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that cover the front of a tooth from the gum down, and are often used to cover the appearance of chips. Porcelain veneers are also used to cover a variety of other cosmetic concerns.

Crowns for Chipped Teeth

Dental crowns are caps that cover the entire tooth from top to bottom on all sides, and may be recommended by your cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta if the chipped tooth is in danger of becoming more chipped. The dental crown will keep the tooth from coming into contact with hard objects, food, or other teeth.

Why Fix Chipped Teeth?

Knowing that we can fix chipped teeth is excellent, but do you know why chipped teeth are so important? Teeth are actually made up of many layers, and at the inner most layer is the tooth pulp. If this pulp is exposed when a tooth is chipped, it can lead to infections, painful nerve damage, and more.

Learn More from Your Dentist in Alpharetta

Want to know more about how our cosmetic dentistry procedures can help fixed chipped teeth? Contact us today in Alpharetta by calling 678-624-0370, or find us online.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Health

Cosmetic dentistry was designed to improve the appearance of your smile, but did you know that cosmetic dentistry can improve your health? In order for teeth to look great, they typically have to be in good health. And when your teeth are in good health, there are many other health benefits to your whole body that follow. When you visit your cosmetic dentistry specialist in Alpharetta, you can learn the many ways that our cosmetic dentistry can improve your health.

Cosmetic Dentistry Fights Disease

Gum disease, oral cancer, and other oral health issues are more common and more serious than most people realize. Gum disease can even lead to bone loss in the jaw and face, while oral cancer can be very serious if not caught early and treated. Cosmetic dentistry fights diseases like these because it involves ensuring that your gums look great. Just like teeth, gums need to be healthy in order to appear aesthetically pleasing. While your dentist in Alpharetta performs cosmetic dentistry procedures, you will also be screened for oral cancer and other serious issues.

Cosmetic Dentistry Helps You Eat Healthier

When your teeth are healthy, they are strong, firmly in place, and ready to perform their primary function: eating. Unfortunately for many people, eating a healthy diet full of lean protein and vegetables is difficult because their teeth are painful or missing. By ensuring that your teeth are present and strong, cosmetic dentistry can improve your health. You will get all the vitamins and nutrients you need thanks to your ability to eat healthier. This can even help reverse bone loss in some patients, making it easier for them to receive more cosmetic dentistry procedures that they could not previously.

Learn About Our Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

As your cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can improve your health. Everything from veneers or dental implants to Invisalign clear braces and tooth whitening can be used to help you improve your overall health. If you want to learn more about our services, or you would like to schedule an appointment, we would be happy to assist you! Please call our office during business hours at 678-624-0370, or contact us online and we will get back to you.

Why You Should Invest Your Tax Return on Cosmetic Dentistry

It seems like every year, there is always something that needs to be fixed or invested in right around tax time. This year, why not spend your tax return investing in your health and wellbeing? You would be surprised at what our cosmetic dentistry specialist can offer to help you boost your confidence, reduce depression, and protect against many serious health issues. Here is why you should invest your tax return on cosmetic dentistry.

Modern Cosmetic Dentistry Is Invisible and Easy

Today’s cosmetic dentistry procedures do not require you to have a mouth full of metal, a clunky denture that is obvious to everyone, or a blindingly white veneer that is out of place in your smile. Choosing to invest your tax return on cosmetic dentistry may be easier when you realize that modern day cosmetic dentistry specialists have a variety of tools and techniques available that make your treatment invisible, easy, and comfortable. Veneers can be matched to your smile, Invisalign braces can be used to correct slightly crooked teeth, and even teeth whitening can be dialed back to look more natural.

An Investment in Cosmetic Dentistry Is an Investment in Your Future

You may hear the word cosmetic and think that these procedures are just for looks, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, many cosmetic dentistry procedures also work as preventative or restorative dentistry as well. For example, veneers do help to improve the look of a chipped or stained tooth. But they also work to prevent more damage to a cracked tooth, reduce gapped spaces between teeth that can lead to decay, or help prevent infection in a tooth with a cavity. When you invest your tax return on cosmetic dentistry, you are also ensuring that your overall health is protected in the future.

Contact Your Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta Today for More Information

Having a great smile and good oral health is a long term investment that can reduce your risk for some major health problems. While you consider investing your tax return on cosmetic dentistry, give us a call at 678-624-0370, or contact us online, to learn more about the cosmetic dentistry services we offer at our office at Old Milton Dental in Alpharetta. Be sure to check out our smile gallery as well!

Naturally Whitening Foods

If you have had a teeth whitening treatment from your dentist, you have no doubt been informed that there are certain things you should avoid consuming to excess: tea, coffee, red wine, chocolate, dark-colored vegetables and fruits, etc. What you might not know is that there are also naturally whitening foods that can extend the life of your teeth whitening treatment.

Some Naturally Whitening Foods You Can Enjoy

The following are naturally whitening foods:

  1. Strawberries: I know; we just said to avoid dark-colored fruits, but strawberries are the exception. This is because they contain malic acid, which can actually work to take stains off the surface of your teeth.
  2. Apples: A nice tart apple causes you to produce saliva, and that can wash away food particles and harmful bacteria. Apples, because of their texture, also work to scrub your teeth naturally.
  3. Broccoli: Broccoli florets also scrub your teeth naturally.
  4. Seeds and Nuts: This relates to texture as well when it comes to naturally whitening foods because seeds and nuts are naturally abrasive, they can scrub your teeth and reduce minor staining.
  5. Carrots: Carrots also stimulate saliva production.

Other Tips

In addition to consuming naturally whitening foods, if you want to ensure that your teeth whitening treatment lasts a long time, avoid alcohol; it can wear away at the tooth enamel. And of course if you smoke, this would be a very good time to stop. Nothing yellows your teeth quite as quickly as tobacco smoke or, for that matter, chewing tobacco.

Contact Us

Now that you know the naturally whitening foods that you can enjoy following your teeth whitening treatment, why not take the next step? Book a teeth whitening treatment by calling Old Milton Dental in Alpharetta, GA at 678-624-0370. If you prefer to book online, you can do it by using the form on our Contact Us page.