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Naturally Whitening Foods

If you have had a teeth whitening treatment from your dentist, you have no doubt been informed that there are certain things you should avoid consuming to excess: tea, coffee, red wine, chocolate, dark-colored vegetables and fruits, etc. What you might not know is that there are also naturally whitening foods that can extend the life of your teeth whitening treatment.

Some Naturally Whitening Foods You Can Enjoy

The following are naturally whitening foods:

  1. Strawberries: I know; we just said to avoid dark-colored fruits, but strawberries are the exception. This is because they contain malic acid, which can actually work to take stains off the surface of your teeth.
  2. Apples: A nice tart apple causes you to produce saliva, and that can wash away food particles and harmful bacteria. Apples, because of their texture, also work to scrub your teeth naturally.
  3. Broccoli: Broccoli florets also scrub your teeth naturally.
  4. Seeds and Nuts: This relates to texture as well when it comes to naturally whitening foods because seeds and nuts are naturally abrasive, they can scrub your teeth and reduce minor staining.
  5. Carrots: Carrots also stimulate saliva production.

Other Tips

In addition to consuming naturally whitening foods, if you want to ensure that your teeth whitening treatment lasts a long time, avoid alcohol; it can wear away at the tooth enamel. And of course if you smoke, this would be a very good time to stop. Nothing yellows your teeth quite as quickly as tobacco smoke or, for that matter, chewing tobacco.

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