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5 Reasons You Need Cosmetic Dentistry

5 Reasons You Need Cosmetic Dentistry

How much do you really know about cosmetic dentistry? You can probably tell from the name that cosmetic dentistry is just that – cosmetic. It is meant to give your mouth a better appearance.  Some cosmetic procedures may also improve the functionality of your mouth, but that is secondary to the main purpose, which is simply to make you feel better about your appearance. So, what are the reasons you need cosmetic dentistry?

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you have the right dentist. Not all dentists are experienced in cosmetic procedures. Now, why would you need cosmetic dentistry? Here are five reasons.

1. You Are Not Happy With Your Smile

Hardly anyone is totally satisfied with their smile. If you polled ten people, probably nine of them would identify something that displeased them about their smile – their teeth are crowded, or gapped, or yellowed, or chipped, or their smile is too gummy, or not gummy enough. You get the idea.

2. Your Teeth are Stained

Teeth can become yellowed or stained due to lifestyle issues. If you smoke, or drink a lot of coffee, tea or cola drinks, your teeth are going to show the effects. Even the mustard you love on your roast beef sandwich can stain your teeth. We are not going to tell you that you should avoid the foods and beverages you love, but one of the reasons you need cosmetic dentistry treatments is to offset the damage that your guilty pleasures can cause. A whitening treatment from your dentist can correct most discolorations.

3. Your Teeth are Crooked

No one wants to have crooked teeth, and no one has to. There are so many reasons that you need cosmetic dentistry, and one of the most common is that you have crooked teeth. You can benefit from solutions like braces, or even porcelain veneers if the misalignment is not too severe.

4. You Are Going to Be Photographed

Let’s be realistic here. If it is wedding season, or you have a family member who is graduating, or there is some other special occasion, then you want to look good.

5. You Want It

The most important reason for considering the benefits of cosmetic dentistry is that you want to look better. That’s really all that you need to think about. If a cosmetic dentistry procedure will make you feel better, then have it done. Your dentist can help you to decide which procedures will be best for you.

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