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Have you ever heard a horror story about a patient’s mouth that was not “numbed” before a procedure? One of the most common horror stories coming out of dentist’s offices are about the anesthetic, or “numbing”, shot before a dental procedure is performed. Old Milton Dental uses a new tool that provides anesthetic quickly and is painless! Get ready to read about “The Wand”!

The Wand is a new dental tool that uses great technology to deliver local anesthetic. The delivery of the anesthetic is controlled by an advanced computer technology. The Wand looks like a ballpoint pen, with a tiny needle ejecting out the bottom. The anesthetic is delivered to the patient before the needle touches the gum. The computer controls the amount and speed of the anesthetic to maintain comfort for the patient.

How does this affect you? Most dental patients fear the prick and the sting of anesthetic, even if they have never had a bad experience before. The Wand eliminates these fearful perceptions of a dentist visit. The Wand makes the numbing process entirely painless. The anesthetic is delivered before the needle even touches your gums! All fear and horror stories can be put in the past!

Old Milton places your comfort and satisfaction as our top priority. The Wand guarantees your comfort while being numbed before a dental procedure. You can be confident in our promise of ensuring your comfort while you are in the dentist chair. Explain the process of The Wand to your children who may be scared of coming to the dentist. Visit Old Milton Dental to learn more about The Wand and the comfort and satisfaction we promise!

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Alpharetta, Georgia 30005

Phone: 678-624-0370
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Website: http://www.oldmiltondental.com

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