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root canal FAQs
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Endodontics is the branch of dental health care that specifically deals with root canal therapy. A root canal is a procedure that removes infected tooth pulp and root tissue from a tooth, and replaces it with a filler to ensure that no infection can reenter the area. In the past, many people ran from the painful root canal treatments available, but today, your dentist in Alpharetta has many modern dental techniques to turn this procedure into a fast and pain-free appointment. Here are some more root canal FAQs:

Can I Just Take Medicine Instead of a Root Canal?

There is no antibiotic that can cure a root canal infection, because antibiotics are carried through the body through the blood. The root of a tooth does not receive any blood supply; therefore, the medication would not reach the area. Manually removing the infected area is still our best dental treatment to date.

Does a Root Canal Require Many Visits?

Most patients receive the entire root canal therapy in a single visit, and may have to return for a single follow up visit later. Root canals today take no longer than filling a tooth.

Why Are Root Canals Necessary?

If a tooth root is allowed to remain infected, it could not only spread to other teeth or throughout the rest of your body, but will eventually lead to the tooth becoming rotten and having to be pulled. This can result in a host of other oral health concerns.

Does Insurance Cover Endodontics?

Most insurance covers root canal therapy, either in full or in part. When you make your appointment with the dentist in Alpharetta, we can find out if your insurance will cover the procedure before you begin.

Learn More from Your Dentist in Alpharetta

Do you have other root canal FAQs we did not answer here? Contact us at 678-624-0370, or find us online.

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