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Invisalign provides a modern approach to receive the straight and vibrant smile you have waited for. Dr. Mazer and Dr. Reid are ready to help Atlanta, Alpharetta, and North Fulton patients silence all fears of orthodontics. The worries of food getting stuck in your braces are in the past. Metal wires cutting into your gums no longer pose a threat.  The war between orthodontic appliances and yourself has finally ended.

Old Milton Dental dentists Dr. Corey Mazer and Dr. Katie Reed are Invisalign-trained experts who can discuss the benefits of Invisalign and decide if it is the best match for you and your orthodontic needs.

Similar to braces, Invisalign gradually shifts your teeth into correct placement for an aesthetically pleasing and confident smile. Substituting metal brackets and wiring with clear, removable, tray-like aligners, Invisalign offers a comfortable and advanced orthodontic experience. The “invisible braces” correct bite and spacing problems, preventing dental decay, disease, and irritation.  Invisalign and the clarity of the aligners provides a great advantage if you are embarrassed having “braces” at an older age. They are nearly invisible to those around you, and yourself!

Removable aligners enable you to brush and floss entire tooth and gum surfaces, ensuring a healthy mouth during the process. The removable aligners also eliminate any dietary restrictions that metal braces bring (i.e. popcorn, corn on the cob, etc.).

Invisalign maintains a 96% patient satisfaction rate with over a million patients worldwide. The high satisfaction rate compliments Invisalign’s all-encompassing benefits. It is effective and efficient. Results can be seen throughout the entire process, ensuring you are meeting your smile goal. Don’t allow these great benefits to pass. Consult with the Old Milton Dental staff to utilize this available resource.


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