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Invisalign Aftercare

Invisalign Aftercare

Invisalign AftercareSo, you got yourself Invisalign clear aligners to correct your bad bite – good for you! You are on our way to a beautiful smile.

Now, how are you going to look after those aligners? Well, taking care of them is important – you want to be sure that they continue to be clean, odor-free, and as invisible as possible. So here is how it is done. Basically, it is a matter of Do’s and Don’ts. Here we go.


  • Rinse the aligners every time you take them out.
  • Soak your aligners – use denture cleaner or the crystals that came with your aligners to keep them clean and sanitized.
  • Brush your teeth regularly. Don’t let food particles end up being trapped between your teeth and your aligners.


  • Drink or eat while wearing your aligners.
  • Leave your aligners unprotected when they are out – the last thing you want is to drop them or step on them.

Traveling with Your Aligners

If you are traveling, make sure that you take your aligners with you. If you lose them, contact your dentist immediately.

That’s about it. It’s pretty much common sense – just make sure that you are looking after your aligners, and if you lose them, take immediate action to replace them.

Contact Old Milton Dental About Invisalign Aftercare

If you have any questions about Invisalign aftercare, or if you lose your aligners, contact us right away at Old Milton Dental, 678-624-0370; We will do everything we can to help you with your issue.

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