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Old Milton Dental is located in northern Fulton County, Georgia.  Affectionately coined the “Golden Corridor”, the northern Fulton County is full of great opportunities and experiences.

Fulton County is home to fourteen cities and towns, including the mega city Atlanta. The first county in Georgia to reach a population of one million, Fulton County remains the state’s most populated county.  Measuring 535 square miles, the county is larger than the states Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Northern Fulton County rightfully deserves the nickname “The Golden Corridor”. Two major cities in northern Fulton County, Sandy Springs and Alpharetta (home to Old Milton Dental), have the top and fifth highest per capita incomes in the state. The Golden Corridor alone headquarters more Fortune 500 companies than any other county in Georgia.

While maintaining this rich business environment, Fulton County encourages residents and visitors to view the scenic beauty of Georgia. Recreational activities can be enjoyed throughout the year, allowed by the great climate of Fulton County. The average low temperature in the winter is 51 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average summer high is 82 degrees.

The majestic Chattahoochee River brings an added dimension of scenic beauty to the county. Atlanta itself is built on the crest of a large ridge of the river. The Chattahoochee River preserves natural and scenic beauty in the midst of the major metropolitan.

Lake Lanier, a portion of the Chattahoochee River, spreads over 38,000 acres, and an additional 20,000 acres of shoreline and islands. Lake Lanier offers lakeside campgrounds, boating, and luxurious resorts maintaining golf and spa facilities. Home to the most visited lakeside resort in Georgia, Lake Lanier attracts over 7.5 million visitors annually. The lake hosted the rowing and spring canoeing events during the 1996 Summer Olympics, hosted by Atlanta.

Old Milton Dental invites you to visit the Golden Corridor and experience the various attractions of Fulton County.  Balancing business, recreation, and family-oriented atmospheres, Fulton County offers attractions for every taste. Old Milton Dental is proud to call the Golden Corridor home.


Contact Information:

Old Milton Dental

4165 Old Milton Parkway, Suite 270

Alpharetta, Georgia 30005

Phone: 678-624-0370
Fax: 678-624-0319

Website: http://www.oldmiltondental.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oldmiltondental

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