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At Old Milton Dental, we care about your experience in addition to the work we perform. Our office continually seeks for new technology that allows our skilled professional dental staff to provide optimum service without sacrificing your comfort. One of the technologies we use regularly are digital x-rays. This blog entry will give you more insight into our decision to use digital x-rays regularly.

Digital x-rays are simply internal pictures of the mouth. There are two types of digital x-rays, intraoral and extraoral. The purpose for your visit determines which x-rays will be used.

Intraoral x-rays capture very detailed images of a tooth’s structure. The detailed image shows any problematic areas in the tooth. These include cavities, the health of the tooth’s root, as well as monitoring developing teeth. These details enable our professional staff to diagnose and treat specific needs. Intraoral x-rays are the more common of the two types of x-rays.

In contrast, extraoral x-rays take pictures of a larger area of the mouth. These types of x-rays are more common with TMJ or jaw issues. These can be extremely beneficial as they reveal the growth and development between the teeth and the jaw.

The storage of these digitized images are also advantageous. The images are stored on a computer, which is a major benefit that is often overlooked. Once the images are on the computer, the Old Milton Dental staff can view the x-rays in more detail. We can zoom to see all areas of the tooth or oral region. This enhanced image ensures the tooth is diagnosed appropriately. Our patients are also able to see their tooth as the digital x-ray can be seen on the computer or a television screen. Knowing our patients understand the diagnosis and problem with their teeth is critical to Old Milton Dental.

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