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Whether you require replacements for many teeth or a single tooth, dentures have long been the most trusted dental solution. Patients of Old Milton Dental, in Alpharetta, have an impressive range of dental dentures to choose from, and may even discuss a combination of treatments to include dental implants along with dentures as well.

Learn About Dental Dentures

For many decades, people all around the world have relied on a dental denture when they have lost adult teeth to disease, decay, illness or injury. Available as full dentures (meaning they replace all of the teeth in the upper or the lower arches) or as partials, meaning they replace just a few missing teeth in the same arch, a denture provides many benefits.

For example, the patient with full dental dentures will be able to enjoy a wider array of dietary options, will retain the original and natural appearance of their face and jaw area, and will not unevenly wear or even break remaining teeth. When we lose even a single adult tooth it can cause a chain reaction of events. We might experience shifting of remaining teeth, which can lead to a misalignment in the bite, and this can cause wear, cracks, and problems with the jaw.

If we lose all of the teeth in one arch, it can cause bite problems, jaw problems, and it will greatly change the look of the face. A dentures is a wonderful solution to all of these issues, but they must be made for you by a skilled dentist.

Denture and Other Options

Your denture need to fit tightly and comfortably if they are to uphold your quality of life. If you find that over time, your gum tissue has changed (this is common), that your denture does not fit properly or feel uncomfortable, or that they seem to have stained or worn unevenly over time, you will want to book a consultation with your dentist to discuss the options.

At Old Milton Dental, we make partials and full dentures available, and we have experts in dental implants who can discuss options for the latest in fixed dentures that will rely on the implant for the most stable denture experience available. Why not book a consultation about a dental denture today and discover if all of your dental needs are being met.

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