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What Do You Know About Dental Implants Quiz

If you have been considering the pros and cons of dental implants, you have probably discovered a lot of important information about them. Our dentists are happy to take any questions you have and guide you towards the right decision for your needs. You can visit our Alpharetta, GA office to discuss implant dentistry with our dentists, or you can take this dental implants quiz and discover all of the ins and outs of restorative dentistry.

Is the success rate for dental implants high or low?

The answer to that is simple – it is very high! Implant dentistry has been an evolving science for a while now, but those taking this dental implants quiz might be surprised to learn that the success rate for implants now stands at around 95%.

Is this type of restorative dentistry very painful and lengthy?

Though the very early days of dental implants did find some patients living with discomfort and undergoing a lengthy healing process, most patients in our Alpharetta, GA office experience almost no discomfort and enjoy rapid healing when they follow the aftercare tips given by their implant dentistry specialist.

Will someone getting an implant have to live without a tooth for many months?

This is one myth that this dental implants quiz is glad to debunk! The simple truth of the matter is that restorative dentistry provides for many workable solutions to the missing tooth or teeth as your dental implants heal and bond. From a “flipper” retainer or an immediate implant, the technologies behind implant dentistry have advanced to the point that you never have to live without a tooth. If it is a rear molar, you can opt to leave it alone as the bone and skin heal, avoiding certain foods and following the diet your dentist recommends, but you definitely do not have to live with gaps in your smile!

Is the price of implants a prohibitive issue?

Unfortunately, the matter of costs is not something that can be answered in a dental implants quiz. There are too many factors to consider, as well as too many options. For example, if you opt to have fixed bridges because they are less expensive, but they do not last over the long-term in the way that implants will. That makes it difficult to say which is the better option for the budget. The best answer is to discuss this with our restorative dentistry specialists in our Alpharetta, GA office.

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