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How to Care For Your Dental Implants

how to care for your dental implants
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Care for Your Dental Implants

Our patients at Old Milton Dental in Alpharetta, GA understand that our dentists are available to provide a host of invaluable dental services, including restorative dentistry. This is a specialized area of dentistry that will ensure that the teeth and gums are in top condition and able to provide good health for years to come. This is why dental implants and implant dentistry are also part of our service. Because the process does not end with the surgical implant, our team also provides support for patients to ensure you know how to care for your dental implants. Dental implant aftercare is a huge part of ongoing health and implant success.

Why? Though restorative dentistry will provide workable and optimal solutions, it still requires a patient to provide themselves with the best dental hygiene. Skipping daily brushing and flossing, avoiding annual cleanings and checkups, and not providing care for your dental implants can lead to trouble.

Fortunately, dental implants are not as high maintenance as natural teeth because they are made of materials impervious to decay and disease. Implant dentistry is a truly optimal solution because it retains the gum and bone tissue, keeps the bite properly aligned and ensures you have the fullest functionality in the mouth. When you learn about proper dental implant aftercare in our Alpharetta, GA office, you can guarantee yourself total success.

When you have restorative dentistry, you will want to discuss the immediate after care requirements. This might include avoidance of certain foods, waiting for the gum and bone to bond with the implant, and returning to have a new crown fitted to the fixture. After that, you will need to do all of the same steps you would for normal (i.e. natural teeth). This means that care for your dental implants is a simple as brushing after meals, flossing at least once daily, coming into our office to have your teeth and dental implants properly cleaned and examined, and visiting our implant dentistry specialist to provide preliminary exams of the implant.

Keep in mind that part of dental implant aftercare is also monitoring the wear and tear of the implant. Restorative dentistry is meant to provide you will complete and healthy function of the teeth and gums, but your bite alignment may be altered when crowns are fitted. That is why part of the care for your dental implants is returning to our Alpharetta, GA office and allowing us to monitor how the teeth are interacting and if there is unnatural wear. Dental implants are a wonderful solution to the loss of a permanent tooth, and implant dentistry can be used to replace single teeth or even to secure bridges and dentures. Proper dental implant aftercare is a big part of success, so be sure you plan to learn about aftercare as part of your restorative dentistry treatment.

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If you have questions about dental implant aftercare, give us a call at our Alpharetta, GA office at (678) 624-0370. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.

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