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10 Major Benefits of Dental Implants

Many people every year understandably become discouraged when they lose their teeth. For some, it is just a few teeth that were lost due to trauma or decay, while others can lose an entire set. Dentures are fine for some, but they have their definite disadvantages. For one, they are not really teeth, and they require constant care in order to work effectively. This does not even take into account the fear that many have that their dentures will fall out at the most inopportune of moments! You no longer have to live in despair if you are in this situation. Dental implants have emerged as a viable and effective alternative to natural teeth. Take a few moments to read through these ten major benefits of dental implants and then decide for yourself.

A Viable Alternative to Natural Teeth

While it is always ideal to retain your own natural teeth, this is not always possible. Once that second set of teeth comes out for almost any reason, it is lost forever. There are also a number of trauma-related events that can leave you without a partial or full set of teeth, and this does not even begin to take into account decay that can enter in at any stage. Whatever the reason might be for you, dental implants are effective as a viable alternative to natural teeth.

Each dental implant will be strong and stable. It will look and function just like your natural teeth did. In fact, nobody will even know that you have dental implants unless you choose to tell them. When you engage the services that implant dentistry can provide you, your smile will come back and you will have a much healthier and more vibrant perspective on life. Other types of cosmetic dentistry, such as dentures and bridges, do not recreate this natural look and feel, leading only to further bone decay down the road.

They Are Durable and Long Lasting

With many types of dental procedures, durability is always a lingering question. It can be rather expensive, and then you have to worry about something breaking or needing to be repaired somewhere down the road. However, restorative dentistry is much more durable and cost-effective in the long-term by comparison. With dental bridges, you are looking at a life expectancy of no more than seven years, and perhaps as little as five. At some point, even the best designed and constructed of dental bridges will need to be replaced. There is not really any such concern when you allow a dental implants specialist to take over. Your implant might need an adjustment from time to time, but that is to be expected. With proper care, your new teeth can last forever, just so long as they are cared for properly and regularly checked over by your dentist in Alpharetta.

You No Longer Have to Worry About Your Teeth

Many adults spend much of their time worrying about the state of their teeth. Perhaps yours are crooked, chipped, or not aligned properly. You might have stained teeth that make your smile anything but appealing. Whatever the reason might be for you, the worry is always there at the front of your mind. When you get dental implants, you will begin to live life without that worry lingering over you. You will no longer shy away from meeting new people out of fear for what your smile might look like. You will become more confident and engaged with others around you. In addition, you will not need to worry about your teeth falling out or about unsightly stains to creep into the equation. A dental implants specialist will see to it that your smile is returned to its natural state as quickly as possible. They will not move and they will not become dislodged. There will be no more crooked teeth in your future, and your life will become much more fulfilling as a result.

Your Natural Smile Will Return

If your teeth do begin to fall out, you will notice that the shape of your face is altered as a result. Much of this is due to a weakened bone structure. Your jawline may begin to sag, and this is just the first of many incidences where your natural smile can be altered. Your dentist in Alpharetta will explain to you why this does not have to be the case. While a face that has no teeth can end up appearing depressed and in a sunken state, as soon as your dental implants are added you will begin to feel and notice the difference. Restorative dentistry is just that – it is designed to restore the original shape to your face and the natural glow to your smile. You may be considering other replacement options for your teeth, but they may have the unintended effect of further altering the natural look to your face over time. Talk to a dental implants specialist to discover how they may be able to help keep that from happening in your case.

Your Jaw Bones Will Be Protected and Healthy

As alluded to earlier, empty spaces in your mouth should not be left there for any longer than necessary. This is because a host of health-related issues can result, particularly if you have a large gap due to a few missing teeth. One of the effects will almost certainly be the loss and deterioration of certain portions of your jawbone. The bone itself is designed to support a natural tooth. When that is taken away, it ceases to perform that function and it will weaken over time as a result. Dental implants replicate natural teeth, and this means that they will facilitate the important role that the jawbone plays in your mouth. Your natural bone will be stimulated as a result and any further bone loss will be prevented.

Your Teeth Stay in Your Mouth at All Times

Teeth are meant to stay in your mouth. That is simply how we were designed as humans. While dentures and other types of tooth replacement options serve their purpose, the natural state of things in our mouth is compromised as a result. Dental implants stay in your mouth. They do not come out. You do not have to worry about taking them out at the end of the day to soak in a cup. You will be able to brush and floss just as you normally would. When you are at a social gathering, you no longer have to worry about one or more of your teeth falling out. In short, this once again illustrates why dental implants truly are the next best thing to natural teeth.

Cavities Are Eliminated

Here is one area where dental implants actually win out in comparison to natural teeth. Because they are made from synthetic material, cavities simply cannot occur. You will not have to worry about holes occurring, nor do you ever need to find the time to get a cavity filled. It simply cannot happen, as your dentist in Alpharetta will tell you. It is important to mention that this does not mean you no longer need to visit your dentist. In fact, this becomes more important than ever. You have just made an investment in your mouth and to further your oral health. You need to ensure that your gums remain healthy and vibrant for the rest of your life. Make sure that you brush and floss just as you normally would, and pay regular visits to your dentist in order to get a checkup and deep cleaning. This will keep your mouth and your smile in the best shape possible.

Healthy and Natural Teeth Are Protected

As we age, teeth can become loose and dislodged. If this is happening to you, that is likely why you are considering restorative dentistry as an option in the first place. That is certainly understandable. With other types of tooth replacement options, it is difficult to keep the teeth protected, much less healthy and natural looking. Dental implants solve that problem. They look and feel just like any other tooth in your mouth. You might have heard horror stories from people who have dentures. There are times when they slip at the most inopportune of moments, and they can even fall out when you least expect it. Not only can this be embarrassing for the person it is happening to, it can provide quite a shock to anyone who is nearby. With dental implants, there is a natural fusion with your jawbone once again. This means that your new teeth will not move. They will not even shift in your mouth, so you do not have to worry about braces at a later date either.

They Are More Predictable Than Other Alternatives

When you are considering ways to restore that natural look to your mouth, you are obviously concerned about predictability. You want to know what is going to happen, and you want to be assured that your natural smile and healthy teeth will return and remain for the foreseeable future. Other types of tooth replacements simply cannot promise this. They might work for a brief time span, but there is always that lingering doubt at the back of your mind. You wonder if today might be the day that your teeth begin to fall out again. A dental implants specialist can demonstrate to you why implants are simply much more predictable than other alternatives available today. There are many success stories to prove this. Implants replace missing teeth. They can even replace an entire mouth full of teeth. You will be able to forgo the use of dental applications and root canals will become a thing of the past. This alone should be a good reason for you to contact your dentist in Alpharetta right now.

You Can Eat What You Want to Again

This is a feature of dental implants that should excite many readers out there. When you are suffering from teeth loss, you might forgo certain pleasure foods because it brings you too much pain to eat them. Steak is a good example. If you have large sections of your mouth that are lacking teeth, you might not find it very enjoyable to chew through your favorite type of meat. If your teeth are decaying, you might not be able to drink sugary drinks or coffee out of fear that your smile will appear even more stained than it already is. Dental implants will solve all of that for you. You will get a healthy set of teeth back that you can use to eat to your heart’s content. It will be easier to keep them clean, and you will be able to have the beverages that you like the most. Just keep it in check so that you continue to live a healthy lifestyle based on what you eat.

These are just 10 of the many benefits to dental implants that you will want to consider. Your dentist in Alpharetta can go over them with you in much more detail. The important thing is to take care of your oral health and consider the advantages of dental implants, should they be a viable option for you.

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