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Dentures Quiz

What Do You Know About Dentures Quiz

How much do you know about dentures? At Old Milton Dental in Alpharetta, GA, we know a lot about dentures of all kinds, and we want to ensure that our patients understand the many benefits and details about them before they make a decision about their dental care.

This dentures quiz will help you learn more than ever about the use of dentures – both full and partials, and ensure that you understand any pros and cons of this route. Dentures can be a wonderful long-term solution, but it is best to be sure you are fully-informed. So, let’s get to that quiz!

Dentures will replace all of the teeth in my mouth, and that means I may have to have some of my natural teeth removed. True or false?

False. Dentures come as full dentures, which are the familiar plates that do replace all of the teeth of the upper or lower jaw. However, they also come as partials, and this means that they attach to the natural teeth, using them as anchors. Partials can be used to replace a consecutive series of missing teeth, and you don’t have to have a plate that covers the entire jaw.

Wearing dentures means I have to now live on a soft diet and cannot enjoy the foods I have always eaten. True or false?

False. Our dentists always explain to patients in our Alpharetta, GA office that dentures, whether partials or full, take a bit of time to get used to, and that within a short time after they have started to use them, they will be able to rely on them to bite down on and chew most foods. In addition to learning how to use dentures, most patients will also opt to use an adhesive to stabilize them.

Getting dentures is uncomfortable, painful, and leads to long-term irritation. True or false?

Again, it is false. Dentures will, naturally, create some initial soreness because they rest on the gums, but they are designed to fit your gums specifically, and within a very short period of time, your mouth will grow accustomed to them, and you will be able to eat and speak comfortably. However, the gum tissue can change over time, and you must pay regular visits to our office in Alpharetta, GA to ensure that you get them relined or refitted as needed.

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