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Teeth Whitening Quiz

What Do You Know About Teeth Whitening Quiz

At Old Milton Dental in Alpharetta, GA, our dentists provide a range of services, including cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening. As the ideal finishing touch to a dental restoration or makeover, tooth whitening is a painless and reliable solution to many issues. In this teeth whitening quiz, you can uncover the many benefits of tooth whitening, and decide whether it is the right treatment to discuss with our dentists.

Teeth whitening is done only using lasers? True or false?

False, the dentists in our Alpharetta, GA office perform teeth whitening with the special ZOOM! product that is comfortable, effective and remarkably fast.

My teeth have yellowed with age…that is not treatable with tooth whitening is it? True or false?

False, it may surprise many taking this teeth whitening quiz to learn that tooth whitening products are meant to address staining from years of smoking, coffee drinking or poor oral health. However, they also can help with teeth that have yellowed from age – lightening them by many, many degrees.

Isn’t tooth whitening very painful? True or false?

Once again, the answer is false. When done properly, teeth whitening treatments result in very temporary discomfort for a very low number of patients. Usually, there is little to no discomfort or pain during and after treatment in our Alpharetta, GA office. When there is an issue, dentists offer a variety of solutions that can range from topical remedies to over the counter pain relief.

Teeth whitening treatments that are “take home” are not as effective as treatments in the office. True or false?

This is an interesting question, and those taking this teeth whitening quiz may be surprised to learn that the in-office treatments in our Alpharetta, GA office only work faster because the solution is a bit higher in the percentage of active ingredients. In the monitored and professional setting of a dental office, and in the hands of a professional skilled in cosmetic dentistry, it is safe to use the stronger formulations. The take-home teeth whitening agents are just as effective, but may take several applications over the course of a few days to generate the same results.

Teeth whitening can improve the color of all of my teeth. True or false?

One thing to learn from this teeth whitening quiz is that not all teeth can be whitened. Dental crowns or veneers are made to match the teeth “as is” but will not whiten when exposed to teeth whitening formulas.

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